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Nancy Pelosi claimed today that the Supreme Court justices aren’t in any danger despite the House refusing to pass a bill providing more security for the Supreme Court.

Pelosi claimed the justices are protected:

As best as I could understand Pelosi, here’s what she said after being questioned on her claim that the Supreme Court justices are protected:

REPORTER: How can you say that the justices are protected when there was an attempt on Justice Kavanaugh’s life?

PELOSI: He’s protected. This [legislation?] was not about the justices, it’s about the staff and the rest. The justices are protected. You saw the Attorney General even double down on that.

REPORTER: But this is about security for the justices. An armed man showed up near Justice Kavanaugh’s house.

PELOSI: We’re working together on a bill that the Senate will be able to approve of because that’s what… We can pass whatever we want to but we want it to be able to pass the Senate. So I don’t know what you’re talking about because evidently you haven’t seen what the language is. There won’t be a bill, but nobody is in danger over the weekend because of our not having a bill.

Pelosi is like the dog in the meme claiming everything is fine when the room is engulfed in flames.

Just imagine being a Supreme Court justice hearing her say this after what happened with Kavanaugh. I’m sure she set their minds at ease. NOT.

As the Great One pointed out this morning, this is really about Pelosi refusing to pass a bill because she wants activist to try and intimidate the justices into changing their minds on Roe v Wade. That’s why she never passed a bill. She’s okay with lawlessness if it gets her what she wants, which is more dead babies.