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Last night Joe Biden was on with Jimmy Kimmel for his late night TV show and Kimmel did a very soft, very agreeable interview with the clearly frail and bumbling politician.

There was really no pushback from Kimmel on anything Biden said. In fact Kimmel made clear he’s very glad that Biden is president* and suggested Biden’s doing a great job even though the hits keep coming his way.

In one instance Biden claimed his administration has done a lot of major things and then complained about the media, suggesting they aren’t giving him the coverage he deserves to communicate it to the American people:

Biden is blaming the press for only wanting clicks, for sensationalizing everything and not telling the American people all the great things he’s done. And Kimmel goes write along with it. Sheesh. I guess that’s to be expected because a liar is going to lie and a bootlicker is going to agree with everything.

Speaking of lies, here’s another big one:

Whoa, did Biden just get stuck in the Matrix or something?

Biden also falsely claimed last night that if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, then they are going to take away people’s contraception:

Kimmel just played along, claiming they’d take away same-sex marriage too. I mean seriously, no pushback whatsoever. On anything.

Biden also joked about sending Republicans to jail over not agreeing with him on gun control:

That’s it. If you want to watch the full interview below and torture yourself, go for it.