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A ccording to pediatricians, military, and veterinarians, it is not uncommon for sarcoma tumors to develop at the injection site of a vaccine, in both humans and pets, whether the injection is in the shoulder, thigh, or elsewhere.

As Natural News reports, normal cell growth is disrupted by deadly toxins used in manufacturing vaccines, including genetically engineered viruses, engineered bacteria, and various toxic additives and emulsifiers used to stimulate immune responses. These cancerous lesions would have roots that grow in depth over time, making it more difficult for surgeons to remove them safely. – These sarcoma cancerous tumors occur in connective tissues (usually muscles) and can metastasize over time (called fibro-sarcomas). They begin at the site of the vaccine injection, as the body tries to encapsulate the toxic contents of the vaccine by surrounding them with calcium, in an attempt to prevent further damage that would occur from the toxins and the cancer spreading. Many carcinogenic vaccine ingredients , as listed on The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccine excipient table, include but are not limited to aluminum, mercury, recombinant human albumin, formaldehyde, industrial-based dyes, urea (animal urine), polysorbate 80, bovine albumin, infected African green monkey kidney cells, […]

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