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The White House served up Hollywood star Matthew McConnaughey to lecture us on the virtues of assorted gun control proposals yesterday. He emotes more effectively than press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, but what does he have to offer? He is a native of Uvalde. He feels strongly about the Uvalde massacre. He doesn’t think too much of the Second Amendment. He has a superficial above-it-all take on the culture war. He is a willing tool of the Biden administration.

Are we seriously supposed to believe that he “feels” more strongly about the massacre than you or I do? That he’s a better person? That he “cares” more? Even if so, which I doubt, it isn’t exactly a public-policy credential.

Amid the media adulation of his performance I would like to put in a bad word. I hate being lectured and having a finger waved in my face. Samuel Johnson’s phrase about “the last refuge of a scoundrel” is what come to mind. I can’t be the only one whom he rubs the wrong way.