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It is being reported that after playing tough guy, Twitter execs are caving and will give Elon Musk some data he may be able to use to analyze fake accounts and bots. Many left-leaning outlets report this as bad news for Musk who “can’t wiggle his way out” of the deal more than likely.

However, they are assuming he doesn’t want to buy Twitter and forgetting how many people on the right want him to still buy it too. It’s amazing how fast the narrative changed from “no he can’t buy Twitter” to “haha now, he HAS TO buy it”. What a biased world we live in.

The Washington Post reports that Twitter will give Musk access to an API data “firehose” system. It’s unclear how easy or possible it will be for Musk and his team to utilize this to get the information they want to get a better deal on Twitter, assuming that is the plan, or likely is.

Donald Trump spoke out on the Twitter subject in a more generic sense, in a recent post on his new platform Truth Social. He said:

“Far more bots and fake accounts on Twitter than originally thought. That place is a disaster (and boring!). I will never go back!”

The below post is an uploaded screenshot. We hope the Truth Social team will soon allow for posts to be embedded directly. Hint, hint, if you’re reading this…

It is good for Donald Trump and his supporters that they have Truth Social while the Twitter showdown plays out. Many of Trump’s fans have been banned, some for clear violation of the “rules”, and others (most of them we speculate) for more arbitrary reasons that Twitter does not explain.

Additionally, founder Jack Dorsey himself already said that permanent bans are a failure of the company, even when rules are violated. Time will tell what happens with Musk, Trump, Truth, Twitter and if upcoming elections have any effect on any of it.

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