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This morning around 2 am a man was arrested near the residence of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In his mid-twenties, the man was taken into custody and found within a couple of blocks from the Justice’s home. It is being reported when arrested the man had a gun and burglary tools on him.

New York Post contributor Karo Markowicz shared on Twitter:

“Breaking: A man was arrested outside of Brett Kavanaugh’s residence around 1:45am last night. The man had a gun and said he was there to kill Kavanaugh. He was taken into custody without incident. I can confirm the man taken into custody outside of Brett Kavanaugh’s house last night is a 26 year old white male with a California driver’s license. Previous address in Seattle.”

After the leaked opinion in the Dobbs Vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, protesters started gathering at Supreme Court Justice’s home over their disapproval of the draft opinion. If the draft opinion stands, Roe Vs. Wade stands to be overturned along with Planned Parenthood Vs. Casey. The cases that set the groundwork for abortion in the United States.

It has been reported that the suspect who was taken into custody was upset over the leaked draft as well as the recent mass shootings.

With the only weeks left in the Supreme Court’s term, we will likely have a ruling by the end of this month.

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