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Lauren Boebert made a great point today regarding the mental illness we are seeing among children and teens. The clip is short but I assume the context is regarding the Uvalde mass shooting:

Note that The Recount calls this bizarre and weird, but I absolutely love it. Boebert couldn’t be more right about the need for God in the lives of children and teens to give them hope and purpose.

Now this is easier said than fixed because, as she suggests, this is a culture problem. The family is completely broken and we’ve continually pushed God out of schools, colleges, and other institutions that matter when it comes to children. We’ve become a Godless society at large and we’re reaping the consequences of it in so many ways, including the murder of the innocent.

But the difficulty of this doesn’t take away from the wisdom of Boebert’s words. Of course she’s ridiculed by the atheistic left, but our society would be a much better place if her word were heeded.