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SUNNYSIDE, WA—The Meebleton family was enjoying their Sunday morning tradition of burning pancakes and spilling the syrup when husband, Ron, did his part to get the family ready for church by shouting, “Kids, it’s time to get ready for church!”

The children did their part to get ready for church by ignoring their father and continuing to play Rock-Paper-Scissors for the last slice of bacon, when the dog did his part and snatched it up for himself.

The wife Clorinne then did her part to get ready for church by cleaning the kitchen, bathing and dressing the children, brushing, combing, and braiding three heads of hair at once, then sending the kids to find their church shoes, which they did not.

Ron dutifully helped everyone even more by yelling from the garage, “If we don’t leave now, we’re gonna be late!”

After the family was all ready for church, Clorinne began the 15-hour process of getting herself ready for church while the husband honked from the minivan.

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