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A leftist news outlet in Asheville, NC, called the Asheville Blade, is touting the vandalism, graffiti and threats made to a crisis pregnancy care center in the city.

Mountain Area Pregnancy Services was vandalized last night by pro-baby-murder activists and police are currently looking for the suspects.

The main threat that was made was written on the sidewalk: “If abortions aren’t safe neither are you.”

The Asheville Blade posted tweets all but praising this:

Yeah, it must be “far-right” because it stands up for life instead of telling women to murder their babies.

The Asheville Blade seems to justify the vandalism and threats, claiming this center is key to the “anti-abortion disinformation and harassment networks”:

They also lament that the Asheville Police Department has promised to go after the pro-baby-murder activists who did this:

To the Asheville Blade, this threat and vandalism is a big nothing burger:

This is the Left. They are the activists who will resort to violence to defend their own violence and murder.

Lastly, I will note that police did find blood at the scene: “Police said they found signs that a suspect may have injured themselves due to blood left behind from a broken window.”

I’m sure they’ll keep that blood as evidence for when they find the activists who did this.