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Former BlackRock executive Edward Dowd thinks the coming midterm elections in November may get cancelled.

“I talked to a lot of different people and the people who are awake and know what’s going on. And I’m starting to think there will be no elections in the fall. They will lock us down under the cover of the monkeypox virus. And at the very least, if we do have elections, it will be mail-in ballots for those who won’t be able to go to the ballots in person or to the ballot boxes in person. That’s my thesis and that’s what I think is coming,” Dowd told InfoWars founder and host Alex Jones during a recent interview.

Dowd also told Jones that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is being used as a cover for the global collapse. He said that it allowed the Federal Reserve to print 65 percent of the money supply in 2020 and keep the bubble afloat for a couple more years.  (Related: Edward Dowd, an ex-executive at Blackrock, tells Steve Bannon global debt bubble at its peak: We’re at the end.)

The former BlackRock equity portfolio manager said what really set off his alarm bells was when Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard talked about immunity badges and surveillance technology that could be implemented to bring the economy back online during an interview on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.”

“He was floating the idea and then I memory-holed it because it was not popular at that time. I started talking about vaccine passports and what this COVID really was all about. And I was labeled a conspiracy theorist in 2020. And then in 2021, we saw what happened. We saw mandates, we saw vaccines, we saw a rise in excess mortality and we saw vaccine injuries,” Dowd said.

Dowd pointed out that the global economy’s system will collapse on its own because it is designed to do so. He added that it is a system that has a multigenerational length to it and that it is now at the end.

The former company executive said a system of control was put in place under the guise of variants and viruses to lock people down and prevent riots. Blaming the virus instead of blaming the policymakers, the politicians and the central bankers, according to Dowd, is what happened in 2020.

“And we’re again facing another economic collapse because we’re literally at the end of the global monetary system as we know it. And as you can see in the stock markets and the inflation that’s raging, we’re about to basically enter another collapse,” Dowd said.

Current monkeypox may have been engineered

Dowd cited Dr. Robert Malone’s recent article on Substack, which claimed that the current version of monkeypox may have been engineered.

“So it looks like something’s happened to the traditional monkeypox. And now there’s evidence that it’s been engineered and that’s starting to really worry my friends on Wall Street,” Dowd said.

The monkeypox scare, Dowd said, is a plan being executed to shut Americans down going into the fall because the Joe Biden-led Democratic Party knows that the coming elections are going to turn into a sea of red.

He added that the House and the Senate are both going to be dominated by the GOP and the Democrats can’t allow this to happen, especially with the crimes that have been committed with the vaccines, the financial crimes and the pilfering that has gone on.

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But Dowd was adamant that there is no need to worry about monkeypox, and Americans should just ignore the headlines. “We do not comply with anything. No mask mandates, no six-foot distancing, no [vaccine] passports to get anywhere. We’re going to continue our lives. And we’re not going to comply,” Dowd said.

Dowd thinks the Democrats are going to have their summer vacations first before building up the lockdown narrative in August and then enforcing it after Labor Day.

The former BlackRock executive said that Americans are now coming to a great awakening and an understanding that things aren’t right. He mentioned that people are now seeking him out because his narrative is the truth, and the narrative from the mainstream media is mostly gaslighting and garbage.

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Watch the video below as Edward Dowd breaks down the fight against the next plandemic and lockdown.

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