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On Monday, “The View” discussed the reopening of the Abbott factory that was shut down by the FDA, due to conditions at the factory that were causing bacteria to contaminate the formula, causing a nationwide shortage of baby formula.

Whoopi Goldberg opened the segment with the news that it had been reopened and added that “In May, 192 Republicans voted against easing the baby formula shortage with 128 million in emergency spending [H.R. 7790].” She also blamed Donald Trump for the U.S. not being able to import more baby formula from Canada.

Joy Behar jumped in on the attack on Republicans, “You know I think sometimes they vote against the best interest of their constituency and against babies in this case. Because all they really care about is making Biden look bad.”

Behar coming to the defense of President Joe Biden continues, “That seems to be their M.O., you know, let’s do something to the libs you know, own the libs, and make Biden look bad.” A phrase that Goldberg is unfamiliar with as she thought Behar had said Own your lips, which Goldberg covered with her hand.

Behar then explains, “It’s a vindictive stance, instead of trying to make things better, they like making it worse so that Biden looks bad.” She then tells the audience, “And by the way, inflation is a worldwide problem, he’s getting blamed for that. The gasoline is a worldwide problem, yes it’s $5 or $6 dollars here it’s like $11, $12 dollars in Europe. So you cannot blame the president for every single thing, they will do that.”

While Behar and Goldberg would like to redirect blame to the Republicans, the President of the United States gets the blame and the credit for the things that happen nationwide while in office. Biden likes to take claim for the economic recovery and also gets shoulder blame for the inflation and high gas prices the whole country is struggling with as gas prices continually hit new record highs, it seems weekly.

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