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Democrat hellhole Seattle has been in a well-documented state of rapid decline as woke laws and progressive “leaders” prevent citizens and law enforcement from cleaning up the broken city. But as inundated as we’ve become with the effects of Democrat policies, it’s still shocking to see how bad it really has gotten there.

Journalist Jonathan Choe released images of a homeless encampment where criminals have been dumping their vehicles:

If one didn’t notice the makeshift “homes” scattered throughout the images, this might appear to be a standard dump. But there are people living there, and this isn’t even the worst that Seattle has. In downtown, the stench of human feces and plentiful heroine needles make it a health risk just to walk around.

Here’s another round of photos from “Tony”:

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It can be very dangerous to capture these images, as “Tony” learned when his drone was hit by BB-gun fire recently.

There’s a reason places like Seattle, New York City, and Los Angeles are seeing mass exoduses. They’re not safe. They’re not clean. They’re turning into the type of “utopia” that can only be realized by years of Democrat control.

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