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Sometimes it amazes me how much dumb I see on social media.

Today I was perusing Facebook and saw someone post a photo of gas prices back when they below $2.00. The post itself doesn’t have any text on it attributing it to anyone, but the presumption is via the image that it was from back in the Trump era.

Below is the post (with author information edited out) and you’ll see that Facebook has attached a ‘fact-check’ label on the photo:

If you click to see the missing context, this is what it shows:

It’s a reference to a Politifact article that claims gas wasn’t $1.86 when Trump left office. But the photo never claims that this was the price of gas when Trump left office. In fact it never attributes it to Trump at all!

These leftist authoritarians just can’t help themselves. They must think that the American people are idiots because that’s exactly what this conveys. And yet they are the idiots here!