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U.S.—In a tragic case out of political news outlet and razor sales firm the Daily Wire this week, Matt Walsh released his documentary, What Is A Woman?, in which the podcast host and author went on a quest around the world asking what a woman is, but everyone thought he was just trolling them and no one would tell him.

Many hardcore Republican podcasters had heard legends of “women,” females of our species who become our companions, do various chores for us, and can even create little versions of us. So, Walsh bravely embarked on a dangerous journey all over the globe to go out and bring back word of the fabled ladyfolk.

“Seriously—I’m asking. I don’t know,” insisted Matt Walsh as another gender studies professor dodged the question and offered him a word salad response. “Me and the other podcast hosts at the DW have heard of this mythical ‘female’ of our species, and you can color us intrigued.”

“A woman is what a woman is, whoever feels like that, whatever it is that women feel like, that’s what they are, or might be, unless you disagree with that feeling, then that’s not what a woman is,” answered Professor Xed Parsnippons at Harvard University. “And I know you’re just trying to prove a point and be a troll or whatever, so I’m not going to have a real discussion with you about this.”

“No! Please!” cried Walsh as security dragged him off the college campus. “I want to know what a woman is! Will somebody please tell me what it is! I need to know! Heeeeelp!!!”

His epic quest continues.

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