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It was reported today that CBS may potentially replace James Corden’s “Late Late Show” with a multi-host panel show like Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” when he exits later this year.

CBS is considering replacing Corden’s distinct program with a multi-host panel, Variety reported earlier today.

In the report, they mention how Fox News has “gained some traction” with an 11 p.m. panel program led by Greg Gutfeld.

Variety explained that a panel show might help as it would rely on several personalities, even rotating a bunch in the mix, so the program wouldn’t hinge too heavily on one particular host.

It would allow the network to tap a broader array of talent, potentially weaving more diversity into a time period that doesn’t have much of it at present, Variety pointed out.

In April, it was reported that Corden, who has hosted the show since 2015, would be exiting next year after he signed a one-year contract extension.

The “Gutfeld!” show, of course, does have a main host that ties everything together in Greg Gutfeld, so if CBS is unable to find someone like that, then it could end up looking similar to MSNBC and CNN’s current 9 p.m. time slot.

The report also noted that people familiar with the matter suggest CBS has already been approached by representatives of various hopefuls for a hosting gig but is not likely to really ramp up its search until after the summer.

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