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Democrats are so desperate to destroy Donald Trump and stave off the political massacre that is predicted in November that Pelosi’s hack January 6th committee is now planning its first public hearing to be aired during prime time on Thursday night.

In order to make a bigger splash, they’ve hired some hot shot former network news executive who is said to be a ‘master documentary storyteller’ to make their hearing as compelling as possible for maximum effect.

The garbage media is playing right along. Multiple major news networks will break into evening programming to air the hearing as if it’s some kind of breaking news.

Via Axios:

The House’s Jan. 6 committee has turned to a renowned former network news executive to hone a mountain of explosive material into a captivating multimedia presentation for a prime-time hearing Thursday.

James Goldston — former president of ABC News, and a master documentary storyteller who ran “Good Morning America” and “Nightline” — has joined the committee as an unannounced adviser, Axios has learned.

I’m told Goldston is busily producing Thursday’s 8 p.m. ET hearing as if it were a blockbuster investigative special.

He plans to make it raw enough so that skeptical journalists will find the material fresh, and chew over the disclosures in future coverage.

And he wants it to draw the eyeballs of Americans who haven’t followed the ins and outs of the Capitol riot probe.

ABC, CBS and NBC will be participating…

At least two of the broadcast networks will interrupt evening programming for live coverage anchored by ABC’s David Muir and CBS’ Norah O’Donnell. NBC will announce plans soon.

Republicans will argue that the 1/6 committee — which consists of seven Democrats plus Republicans Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois — is just out to get former President Trump.

As part of a Republican counter-programming blitz, key members of Congress are already booked for cable interviews after the hearing.

What’s really amazing about this is that if Kevin McCarthy had done what Pelosi did in creating an entirely partisan select committee by refusing to allow the other side to participate, it would have been mocked by the media and panned as completely unserious. There would be no prime time hearing with all the major networks pretending as if this is important breaking news coverage. It would have been ignored by so-called journalists everywhere, just like past Republican hearings on Democrat scandals (Obama gunrunning, Benghazi, etc) even though they were bipartisan and fair.

This is the anti-Republican, anti-conservative media bias we so often talk about which has led to new conservative media cropping up in the last few years. Much of America just doesn’t trust the legacy garbage media and this is exactly why.

I suspect that Thursday night’s hearing won’t get much in the way of ratings even though all the big networks are running with it. Because nobody really cares about January 6th anymore. It’s just being used as a tool to try and destroy Trump and save Democrat arses in November, as well as push their radical progressive agenda.