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Everyone who is not a Liz Cheney stan knew what the January 6 committee was for from the start, and it wasn’t to get at some “truth” about the events of that day. No, it’s a retribution panel designed for the express purpose of “getting” Trump and punishing America for electing him. Liz knew that too, but she’s fine with it.

Well everyone else knows it now, too, after an Axios report spilled the beans.


Disagreements arise whenever proposals are raised such as abolishing the Electoral College, vastly expanding voting rights like same-day registration or tightening the Insurrection Act to make it harder for a president to deploy the military domestically for use on civilians.

They use the same logic that Democrats and the media always use, that chain of events step 1 step 2 reverse engineering.

In multiple conversations among committee members, Raskin has argued that the Electoral College should be abolished — that if presidents were elected by a popular vote, this would protect future presidential elections against the subversion that Trump and his allies tried to pull off in 2020.

His argument is that hypothetically Trump wouldn’t be elected in a popular vote and therefore theoretically a national popular vote would mean no more “insurrections.”

Hey Raskin, if you didn’t have a vote at ALL and just let Democrats appoint a king, then there could never be a bad president because we wouldn’t even HAVE presidents, right?

You think that’s going farther than he did? It’s not. It’s actually exactly what they want. A national popular vote would be even easier to rig and execute fraudulently. Because it would eventually be overseen by the centralized federal government, not the states, as disputes over method would continue to consolidate election oversight in D.C.

The committee is just one more front for the continuing attempt at seizing all power by the far left.

It’s a sham and its purpose is obvious. When the “hearings” air this week it’ll be even more obvious. And Liz Cheney, who Axios paints as some kind of obstacle to the radical progressives, was out there all morning defending the committee and calling Trump and Trump voters an “ongoing threat.”

Why? Because special threats give you special powers, don’t they? Covid 19 got you imprisoned in your homes. what will Cheney declaring half the electorate an ongoing threat get the Dems?

Guess we’ll find out.