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This morning, Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg did an interview on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos. The pair touched on the economy, inflation, rising gas prices as well as other topics.

When questioned about what can be done about the ever-increasing prices at the pump, Buttigieg wanted to make it clear to the American public that, Biden doesn’t have a”Gas Lowering Dial”.

This was spurred when Stephanopoulos pointed out that the strategic release from the United States Petroleum Reserves had no effect. Buttigieg disputed the claim made by Stephanopoulos, claiming, “This is an action that helped to stabilize global oil prices”.

However, this remains to be seen at the pump as currently, the national average for gas is 4.624 as of 5/30/22 this is up almost 1.60 over last year this time.

Buttigieg readily blamed oil companies as being greedy and Republicans for not moving on “use it or lose it legislation”.

On Saturday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson clip was shared on Facebook with the caption saying that it is time for Buttigieg to resign as Secretary of Transportation. This was a clip from his Friday show.

Carlson points to what should be the two main concerns of the Secretary of Transportation, the price of diesel fuel and domestic air travel.

Tucker points out that everything is transported by diesel fuel and thus the rise in the cost of diesel fuel is seen in the cost of goods.

He also points out that air travel is something businesses and families rely on, dependable air travel.

Both of these things in the last year and a half, have gone “dramatically in the wrong direction” according to Carlson. Diesel is at the highest price “ever recorded in history. The national average is just up 70% since last year, now 5.53 a gallon”.

Carlson claims that this could all change if Biden would stop financially supporting the Ukrainian war with Russia. Biden as well as many other leaders have moved to sanction Russia to hurt Russia’s economy. This however has not worked as the rubel is the strongest currency in the world now and the United States’ inflation continues. Biden doesn’t see a way to bring down the price of fuel or food in the near term future.

Carlson suggests that Biden could make Ukraine come to the table with Russia and put an end to the war, stop shutting down energy pipelines as well as canceling oil drilling. “Of course, Biden doesn’t plan to do that it would help Americans too much” Carlson states.

The segment concludes with Carlson pointing out that the United States was recently energy independent and now we are “begging dictators” for oil.

With no clear end in sight for the rising cost of oil and inflation, it is a roller coaster Americans are forced to ride. It seems that when it comes to inflation, Biden is placing all of the responsibility on the Fed to take care of slowing it down. Biden appears to many to be lost on what to do with all the issues with our economy and instead, pushing forward with funding the war in Ukraine.

We stand in solidarity with any innocent people being hurt and hope the war will be over as soon as possible so peace can be restored.

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