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Two favorite guests and friends join us at the bar for this week’s Three Whisky Happy Hour, to hash out bar fights they started in less reputable watering holes.  Jeremy Carl argues in The American Conservative that there needs to be “A Republican Counter-Elite,” while Glenn Ellmers continues to spark controversy with his article a year ago, “Conservatism Is No Longer Enough,” and now, last week, a sequel (channeling his Lordship Kevin Bacon in Animal House)—”‘Remain Calm, All Is Well’; How Not to Save the Republic.”

Last week Lucretia and I took note of the intramural controversy of the ideas of “equality” and “equity,” and whether, as some conservatives have long argued, the first necessarily leads to the degeneration into the second. And can we really infiltrate or seduce America’s elite institutions (the academic-media-Hollywood complex), or should we simply seek to destroy them if we can? We decided at the end that the best way to delve into this subject was to have Jeremy and Glenn on together.

It’s a wide-ranging and lively conversation with many twists and turns along the way. Meanwhile, the exit music this week is deliberately chosen as a not-so-esoteric rendering of Leo Strauss’s controversial interpretation of John Locke. Maybe the band should have called itself “Down the Tubes” instead. What else can you Ask From Life?

You know what to do now: listen here, or, properly fortified with your latest single malt, shuffle on over to our hosts at Ricochet.