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Taking a look back at what I have written about the Republican senatorial primary in Pennsylvania, I see I will have to retire my adaptation of the famous translation of one of the Roman poet Martial’s epigrams. When the outcome of the primary was still in doubt, I commented:

I do not love thee, Dr. Oz.
The reason why? Well, because…
Reasons — plural. I draw straws.
I do not love thee, Dr. Oz.

Yesterday afternoon David McCormick conceded to the Trump-endorsed Oz. The AP covers yesterday’s developments here. Politico here.

With Trump’s endorsement Oz edged McCormick by some 972 votes (out of 1,340,000) when the initial count finally came to rest. McCormick’s concession short-circuits the recount to which he was entitled.

Both Oz and McCormick drew about 31 percent of the vote. Given the Trump endorsement, I thought that was a particularly weak performance on Oz’s part. Even Trump supporters weren’t necessarily sold on the merits of Dr. Oz.

Oz’s Democratic opponent is the unfettered leftist John Fetterman. Fetterman is fettered only by health problems that landed him in the hospital after his decisive win over Conor Lamb in the Democratic primary. I have posted a physician’s update on Fetterman’s health below. RedState’s Nick Arama explores the weirdness here.

Having chosen Fetterman, Pennsylvania Democrats are in a fightin’ mood. With any luck I will find the man behind the curtain of the Oz campaign and handicap this critical race a little further down the line.