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It has long been supposed (mostly tongue-in-cheek, except for Freudians) that the great unanswerable question of all time is, “What do women want?” Forget that. Today the unanswerable question—not tongue-in-cheek—is, “What is a woman?”

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire has produced a documentary about this question which is out late this week. I haven’t see it yet, but I have seen some excerpts, and this short trailer makes one big thing abundantly clear: the transgender activists are so cocksure of themselves that they wilt under the slightest questioning from Matt. Most of them fall mute when you ask the simplest questions.

Five million views of this trailer! The Daily Wire has apparently had to fight off some DDS attacks from the trans-Stasi. Worth seeing the whole thing when you have a chance.

Chaser: The Babylon Bee has their own competing documentary, “What Is a Man?” They say it is an hour and 40 minutes long, but watch for about two minutes and then scroll ahead and you’ll see why it is this long:

Well played, Bee, well played.