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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) stopped by Hannity to dissect President Joe Biden’s Thursday night speech on gun control; Cruz says Biden has unified America in an interesting way: everyone agrees he’s doing a terrible job.

Excerpts from Ted Cruz’s appearance below:

Just about everybody agrees he’s doing a terrible job. Just about everybody agrees this is a train wreck. And you know what’s frustrating about it? He’s not willing to change. He’s not willing to change course. This speech tonight, once again he chose to double down on hard-Left divisive politics. Listen, I was at Uvalde last week the day after the shooting. I was there with the local officials and with law enforcement and with family members. What happened in Texas is horrific. 

And anyone with any heartbeat is horrified that 19 little boys and girls were murdered, that two teachers were murdered. And what does Joe Biden and the Democrats do? They don’t come back and say, “Let’s unite behind law enforcement to stop criminals, to keep our kids safe.” Nope. They immediately demagogue and say the solution is to take away your weapons, to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Watch the clip above.