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Pizza Hut, another leftist corporation, has gone full woke again in an email to children, recommending they read a book about a child drag queen.

Here’s the email via Libs of Tiktok:

Below are more photos from the Big Wig drag queen book (from a now deleted tweet):

Absolutely disgusting. There is nothing reasonable about recommending this kind of radical literature to young children who have no clue who they are or what they’ll be.

Seriously, why would anyone want children to be drag queens unless they are grooming them for some ridiculous reason?

This isn’t the first time Pizza Hut has been in the news for their wokism. Last year we reported on their support for the CRT indoctrination garbage:

If you are still ordering pizza from Pizza Hut, which is said to be one of the top pizza store chains in America, then I would seriously considering taking your business somewhere else.