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The mostly (but not all) left-leaning “fact-checkers” that social media companies have given broad power to decide what information is allowed to stand and what isn’t do not like it when you blame Joe Biden for high gas prices in our opinion. If you are reading this Mr. (or Mrs. or Ms.) “Fact-Checker”, keep in mind that this is simply our opinion of course.

We understand that you may claim to be 100% unbiased and neutral and dedicate your life’s mission to absolute truth no matter which side looks better or worse. We understand that you might make that claim. However, it is our opinion that if someone tells you that, it might not be correct.

With regards to the price of gasoline that Americans pay at the pump, Mr. Joe Biden has blamed Russia, Covid-19, and many other things for high gas prices. Even though the Democrat party wants you to buy an expensive electric car, it’s a complete coincidence that gas prices are high, allegedly. They would like you to believe they definitely care about your pain at the pump.

It’s up to you if you believe the Democrat party cares about you or not. Do your own research and draw a well-informed conclusion as to whether or not you think they care about you. Meanwhile, a report recently shows that gas prices in some parts of the country are almost $10 a gallon.

All we can say is that Joe Biden is the current president in the White House. You can decide if you believe him when he says there is nothing else he can do about high gas prices. Fox 10 Phoenix reported about the shockingly high gas prices recently spotted in liberal utopia California. Watch the video below:

Fox 10 Phoenix reports that the almost $10 a gallon gas was spotted in “Mendocino, along the northern California coast not too far from Fort Bragg”.

The moral of this story is to tighten up your belt because it’s going to be a bumpy ride unless or until someone with the intelligence to fix this mess comes along and does so.

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