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“Non-woke” Top Gun 2 is on track to become actor Tom Cruise’s top-grossing domestic box office film by the end of the weekend according to a report.

It is currently estimated that the movie will finish its second weekend with a whopping domestic box office of $273.6 million in total. 

That amount would shatter Cruise’s previous high-earning title, which was Steven Spielberg’s 2005 sci-fi title “War of the Worlds” at $234 million.

Cruise thanked everyone for coming to see the movie on its first weekend in theaters in a tweet on Tuesday.

“Thank you to everyone who saw #TopGun: Maverick and helped make it a historic opening weekend,” Cruise declared in the viral tweet, which has been liked over 300k times.

Verified Twitter user Farah Khan responded, “I’m such a die hard fan of yours that I wanted to marry you in 1986 except I was underage.”

As we previously reported, both Fox News’ Kayleigh McEnany and GOP Arizona State Sen Wendy Rogers shared their appreciation for the film in a pair of tweets.

Rogers tweeted Sunday morning, “Non-woke Top Gun is going gangbusters at the box office. #AmericaFirst is back. Yes I know Tom is a jerk but credit where credit is due.”

“Hollywood needs to stop taking China money and they need to make more non-woke pro-America movies like Top Gun 2,” Rogers declared.

The next evening, McEnany reported in a tweet, “I saw “Top Gun: Maverick” yesterday. Every showing was selling out at the theater I went to.”

“It is unapologetically pro-America and shows what unfathomable bravery and incomparable talent our military has. Wow! Not surprised it is breaking records…” McEnany insisted.

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