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WICHITA, KS—Local man Billy Godbold has decided that he just needs some fresh air, and a nice long drive through the country to clear his bank account should do the trick. As gas prices continue to go through the roof, Billy knows that once he’s done refueling his car it may very well bankrupt him.

Billy explained that he just needed something to take his mind off of all the stress in his life. “Normally, whenever I’m stressed like this I just take off and drive somewhere, anywhere to get my mind off things,” explained Billy. “But with these gas prices due to Bidenflation, my brief ride will also clear my checking and savings account.”

His wife Angela Godbold says that going for a drive worked for him. “Now that he’s back he hasn’t made a peep about his stress from work,” said Angela. “Instead it’s all been about how we have no money at all now, and him asking how are we going to buy food or pay our bills.”

According to sources, Billy ended up trading his car to a local dealership to pay the bills. He claimed his car was worthless to him with gas prices like this and that he would just have to get up extra early and walk to work.

At publishing time, Billy went for a run to clear his head, but once he was finished and realized how hungry that made him, he went to buy food he was unable to afford anything due to inflation.

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