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Last night we told you that Governor DeSantis was planning to veto funding for the Tampa Bay Rays facility after they went on an anti-gun rant and pledged $50,000 to Mike Bloomberg’s gun control agenda.

Well last night DeSantis followed through and vetoed that and more.

Via DC Examiner:

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) vetoed $3.1 billion in spending as he signed a $109.9 billion budget Thursday, slashing funds that would have, in part, gone toward a youth sports complex earmarked as a possible spring training facility for the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Republican cited the need to protect the state “against what very well may be a Biden-induced recession” at the signing ceremony. The facility in question, in Pasco County, would have cost $35 million. The veto comes after the Rays published a call to end gun violence in the aftermath of the Texas and New York mass shootings, and a report from OutKick said it learned that the decision was indeed in response to the team “politicizing” the massacres.

Also included in the veto list were $20 million for a pair of state-owned jets and $75 million for an environmental and oceanographic research and training facility at the University of South Florida’s St. Petersburg campus.

Nearly everything we are seeing now in terms of an economy that’s spinning out of control is absolutely Biden induced. DeSantis is right to try and protect his state from as much of the coming recession as possible. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

Regarding the veto of the Tampa Bay Rays facility, it makes me really happy that was on the chopping block. As I said last night, there’s no point in giving that organization taxpayer money which they’ll just give to groups trying to take away the second amendment rights of all Americans.

I say this a lot but I can’t wait for the day that I get to cast my vote for DeSantis as president. He’s the real deal.