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Joe Biden was asked this morning about Elon Musk’s concerns about the economy as well as those of Jamie Diamond.

Musk reportedly said in a company email that he has a “super bad feeling” about the economy going forward:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a “super bad feeling” about the economy and wants to cut about 10% of jobs at the electric carmaker, he said in an email to executives on Thursday seen by Reuters.

Jamie Diamond has expressed similar concerns yesterday, saying Americans should brace themselves for a coming economic hurricane:

In response to these concerns Biden passed them off as absurd, saying “Lots of luck on [Elon’s] trip to the moon:”

Both gas and food prices are at record highs but Biden pretends like everything is wonderful. He attacks Elon by suggesting that all of his competitors are hiring and investing, but he doesn’t mention how much of that is due to government funding.

In reality even the garbage media is forced to cover how bad things are, with experts now warning that people are about to cancel vacations and trips because gas prices are too high:

Biden acts like he doesn’t know what Elon is concerned about, but that’s just him lying again. He knows. He just thinks he call call a turd a flower and the American people will smell it. It’s just more evidence of how dumb he thinks the American people are.