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During Thursday’s White House Press Conference, Fox News’ Peter Doocy had a simple question for Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: if gun violence is such an emergency, why is Biden off to the beach?

According to The Daily Wire, “Doocy noted that Biden has called on Congress to act on gun violence right away, and he is expected to repeat that call in an address scheduled for Thursday evening [he did] — right before he leaves the White House for a weekend at the beach.”

“If the president thinks that Congress must act immediately to end this epidemic of gun violence, is he going to bring any of the key players from Capitol Hill to the beach with him tonight?” Doocy asked.

Jean-Pierre did her best, but…well, watch the clips below:

Jean-Pierre appears to suggest that the “immediate action” isn’t really Joe’s thing to handle —the responsibility falls to Congress, so Joe can go grab a rink with an umbrella in it.