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It was reported yesterday that the Biden White House is “adrift” and rife with “managerial breakdowns” that have the president eyeing a major shakeup of his leadership team in a desperate attempt to win back the American public — and Democratic Party leaders.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson discussed the “disarray in Biden’s White House” with Candace Owens on his show last night.

Carlson noted in a tweet where he shared a clip of the segment that “Things are going so poorly at the White House that even the media can no longer ignore it.”

“Twenty-one black staffers have fled” the Biden White House, Carlson reported prior to bringing Owens on.

Owens began, “I have to say that I’m a little bit upset that I’m not involved in these strategy sessions at the White House.”

Owens then mocked yesterday’s appearance by Korean boy band K-Pop at yesterday’s press briefing, which Carlson had also mentioned.

“Is there anything more destructive than white liberal guilt? It feels like it’s hurt more people than nuclear weapons,” Carlson wondered.

Owens responded, “It really has… it’s not just black Americans that need to have an awakening, it’s white Americans.”

“You have to stop allowing people to manipulate you emotionally and tell you that you are a bad person just because you are born a certain color,” Owens explained.

Carlson agreed and added that “People who hate themselves are bad leaders.”

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