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After the verdict was announced in the Depp Vs. Heard, a defamation case on Wednesday, and a statement from Depp was released, Kyle Rittenhouse shared to Twitter congratulate Depp on his win.

Rittenhouse quoted part of Depp’s statement and added “I felt that!”

“The jury gave me my life back.” “Truth never perishes.” – Johnny Depp I felt that! Congratulations to Johnny and his team on his defamation suit.”

The verdict seems to have motivated Rittenhouse in his own defamation cases. About an hour after congratulating Depp, Rittenhouse tweeted that he has a new announcement coming soon relating to the cases.

“I have a new announcement coming soon about my defamation cases, keep an eye on Fox News and http://TMAP.org for more this week. Johnny Depp trial is just fueling me, you can fight back against the lies in the media, and you should!”

TMAP or The Media Accountability Project is a “company organized to assist Kyle Rittenhouse with legal costs associated with holding the media accountable for publishing inaccurate and defamatory statements. In addition, The Media Accountability Project was established to promote fair and accurate reporting across all journalistic mediums.”

The website has a section of interviews that Rittenhouse has done since he was found not guilty. The site is also taking donations to assist in the cost of legal fees a contact page, links to Rittenhouse’s social media pages, and has a variety of items for sale with the slogan “accountability is coming”.

In the Depp Vs Heard case, the jury found that both of them had been defamed. Depp had sued Heard over an op-ed she had written, that was published in The Washington Post. Three statements made in the op-ed were highlighted and are what the jury found to be defamation. Depp was awarded $15 million in damages by the Jury.

Heard had filed a countersuit and was also found to be defamed by a statement made to the Daily Mail by Depp’s attorney, Heard was awarded $2 million in damages.

Depp shared his statement on Instagram and can be seen below:

We should see news soon on what is coming next with Rittenhouse and his defamation cases.

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