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The White House conducted a “Virtual Meeting on Accelerating Infant Formula Production Through Operation Fly Formula” (the link is to the White House transcript). The whole thing is a disgrace marking our rapid descent to the arena of Third World shortages. This one is to be mitigated by an airlift of the product to increase the supply. Is there a citizen in his right mind who is favorably impressed?

In the course of the proceedings Bident forgot the name of his HHS Secretary when he called on him to speak. You remember him — the gentleman formerly known as Xavier Bockaria when Biden introduced him last year. That was then (below).

This is now (below).

The transcript contributes this classic to our Department of Corrections courtesy of the official White House Bracketologist: “Today, we’re announcing that United Airlines has agreed to offer cargo space for Kendal Nutricare for the delivery of 3.7 [million] bottles of the formula here in the states.”

I wonder who in the White House thinks that Biden is benefited by his frequent public appearances and remarks. He is a senescent dolt.

In this case RedState’s Nick Arama piles on in “Biden Blanks Again, While CNN Captures a Classic Moment That Nails the Fail.” Usage note: “Fail” is the verb. “Failure” is the noun. Otherwise, perfect.