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HARTFORD FALLS, VA—According to concerned sources close to local Star Wars fan Peter Katarn, the man is obviously a racist bigot, as he wishes they had made the latest black character in the franchise more interesting and given her more to do.

His friends and family members came to the conclusion that he was a toxic white supremacist after he remarked that the Inquisitor Reva in the new Obi-Wan series was a “poorly written character”, and that he really wished the black actress would have been given better lines, more interesting character development, and a storyline that made her a fan favorite.

“Man, this character was a missed opportunity—they could have fleshed her out so much better,” said the man, unwittingly revealing his deep-seated hatred for people with darker-colored skin. “I wish she could have been given better dialogue and direction so she’d really come alive on screen and I could be immersed in the world of Star Wars again.”

“I really wanted to like her,” added the man who obviously hates black people and doesn’t want them to appear in any of his favorite franchises ever. “Such a waste of screentime when they could have given her more to do.”

“They really didn’t do her justice,” the hateful racist added sadly as he wiped cheesy popcorn dust on his Lando Calrissian shirt and glanced at his Finn and Mace Windu figures propped up on the mantel.

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