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Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) blasted Biden’s energy policy —or lack thereof —on the Senate floor on Wednesday. Kennedy says Biden’s extremist energy policies, mostly dictated by the far-left wing of his party, are incredibly unrealistic

“Here is Biden’s energy policy – wind, solar and wishful thinking. It’s just not realistic and among other things it is hurting our country. It is hurting my people in Louisiana desperately because of the rise in gasoline prices.”

“The good people of Louisiana just can’t afford it —and my people deserve better.”

Watch the clip above.

Kennedy also recently hit Biden for waging war on American energy, sharing a statement and a clip on Twitter.

“Americans have built the world’s largest economy, and our oil and gas producers are its backbone. But the Biden admin is slashing drilling leases and piling on regulations. Biden is waging war on American energy and every household that depends on it.”