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A century-old artifact worth an estimated $2M was stolen from the St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn, New York, officials revealed over the weekend. Thieves made off with the parish’s tabernacle—an altar centerpiece used in the rite of Communion—which was made of solid 18-karat gold and adorned with jewels.

The church was founded in the late 19th-century, with the sacramental container donated in 1890 (see photos). One of the most expensive tabernacles in the country, the piece had its own electronic security system and was enclosed in one-inch thick steel plates when not in use. Officials said the building was undergoing construction at the time, and a power saw was reportedly used to break through the casing.

The burglars also knocked the head off the statue of an angel, while making off with security footage. Authorities have not identified any suspects as of this morning.