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The left came after Joe Rogan —hard. And the popular podcaster and comedian found backup in places he wouldn’t have expected before: Fox News and conservative media outlets.

“They had my back through all the crazy s–t that happened with me. It was Fox News that f–king had my back,” Rogan said on Tuesday’s episode of  The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan, of course, referring to the campaign to get him fired from Spotify as well as the attacks he weathered while interviewing alternate perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic.

From The New York Post…

Rogan on Tuesday lamented the fact that it was once liberals who were “pro-free speech” and “open to other people’s ideas.”

He said that in years past, it was the right that was acting like a “suppressive, nanny state, condemn[ing] certain behaviors … that’s not the case today.”

“Today the left has gone so far left, so radical that the right are the ones celebrating comedians, celebrating Chappelle,” Rogan said.

The podcaster said it was ironic that he was being backed by the right considering that he holds liberal views.

“I’m so liberal. I talk about it all the time,” Rogan said.

“I am not a conservative, but I am pro-Second Amendment, and I am a hunter, and I am a cage fighting commentator, and I drink, and I smoke cigars, and I like to bow hunt.”