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I have four propositions with which many readers will disagree. First, William Barr was an outstanding Attorney General of the United States in the Trump administration. Second, if it weren’t for Barr, the Mueller investigation would still be going strong persecuting innocent citizens. We would be entertaining proposals to convert it into a permanent commission. Third, I agree entirely with his critique of President Trump’s endgame on January 6. (I had my own say on that score in A shameful day” while events were still unfolding and would deepen my critique now with the benefit of the Eastman memo.)

Fourth, Barr’s memoir One Damn Thing After Another is the best memoir ever written by a former Attorney General. The competition on that front isn’t terribly stiff. Widening the ambit, I would say it’s a memoir that, though not quite up to their standard, belongs in the company of classics by former cabinet members such as Dean Acheson and Henry Kissinger.

In the video below Glenn Beck interviews Barr at length about his service (in both of his AG stints) as portrayed in the book. This is Beck’s summary of the interview:

In the final turbulent two years of the Trump administration, Attorney General Bill Barr tells Glenn why he pulled out of retirement to answer Trump’s call to help stop a constitutional crisis. But he got more than he bargained for when he was forced to deal with impeachment, a summer of racial turmoil, a global pandemic, and attacks against President Trump from every angle. Barr joins Glenn to answer critics who say he didn’t do enough for the Trump admin while he was in office, why he believes Hillary Clinton’s Russiagate scandal was “seditious,” why the Durham investigation is just now hitting pay dirt, and much more, as detailed in his new book, “One Damn Thing After Another.” As America faces threats from China, on our southern border, and from within our own corrupt institutions, Barr lays out America’s best path forward …

Via Nick Arama/RedState.