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The mainstream Democrat media press pounced hardcore on the news that Nancy Pelosi’s drunken husband Paul got into a drunken accident while driving drunk and got arrested for a DUI. What I mean is, they pounced on people reporting on it.

“Quickly, a number of right-wing commentators and politicians responded to the news by attacking Pelosi, while also criticizing her and her husband,” writes Newsweek in their lamentable lamentations about the fact that people didn’t cheer for him as a hero.

But it’s the headline that’s really awesome.

Compare that screaming headline against this amazing DOWNLPLAY by the LA Times.

“Minor.” Rewrite that headline for if they were talking about a Republican’s spouse.

Joe Concha noticed all this and even he, someone who has to witness leftwing media all the time, was flabbergasted.

It pays to remember there’s never an editor at any mainstream media publication who will say “do you think this is too far left?” or “do you think this is obvious Democrat party propaganda?”



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