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South Carolina Rep Nancy Mace says Democrats are in big trouble come November. Mace says big blue losses are on the way and that President Biden has found himself on the wrong side of nearly every issue; he created a mess.

REP. NANCY MACE: They certainly won’t be winning South Carolina in 2024, and you can see it already now, in 2022. Democrats are scrambling, seeing the polling that’s out there. There is going to be a giant red wave and that red wave starts in 2022, and it starts in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, where I serve. It starts in every single swing district across the country, and it means that Republicans need to show independents that our message and our policies and our values are what are going to lead our country out of the mess that Joe Biden has created, because he has been on the wrong side of every single issue. And today marks the first day we have new voting laws in the state of South Carolina that Gov. Henry McMaster signed into law, and you can vote early over the course of the next two weeks. 

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Mace has been all over Biden’s botched energy policy, sharing the following on twitter last week:

“The Administration’s energy policies have now led to a depletion of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I have joined my @GOPoversight colleagues in calling on @SecGranholm to provide the plan to replenish the supply.”