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Elon Musk made a bold prediction recently, subtly throwing shade at vehicle manufacturers who believe that they can compete with Tesla.

Musk was responding to a Twitter thread that began with the sharing of an article that suggested that he is a “problem” for Tesla.

Twitter user “Lisa #TeslaTruth” who shared it, said of the article, “Hmmmm…..”

Another Twitter user “Arek” claimed, “Well yes, the biggest and #1 problem is Elon, #2 is FSD (Full Self Driving).”

In a quote tweet of “Arek,” Twitter user “Whole Mars Catalog” declared, “Without Elon there wouldn’t be a Tesla.”

“Major eye roll at shareholders hating on the guy who made them rich just because the market had a downturn,” they added in a reply, along with “‘It’s all Elon’s fault!’ bro. (He) told you (the) stock price was too high. (He) told you recession was coming. (Why would you) ignore then get mad at him lol.”

Musk responded, “Indeed I did. However, I also think that Tesla has the potential to be the most valuable company ever.”

“When Tesla’s market cap, making sustainable energy products, exceeds that of Aramco, producing fossil fuels, you know the future will be good for Earth,” Musk explained.

According to a report, The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco) had reported a net income of $110 billion for the full year of 2021, up 124 percent compared to $49 billion in 2020.

In comparison, Tesla’s total revenue for 2021 was $53.82 billion, a growth of 71% compared to $31.53 billion in 2020.

As we previously reported, the CEO of the Volkswagen Group Herbert Diess has insisted that it was still possible to reach its self-imposed target of becoming the world’s largest seller of electric vehicles by 2025.

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