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Donald Trump Jr. slammed the Uvalde, Texas school shooter’s mother for pleading for him not to be judged for what he did.

Trump Jr. shared a screenshot of a New York Post article on comments made by Adriana Martinez, the mom of the deranged 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos.

The Post reported that Martinez wept in her car and didn’t make eye contact with the camera as she insisted she had no idea what led her son to snap, but added that he must have had his “reasons.”

Martinez told the Spanish-language station and CNN affiliate, Televisa, “I have no words to say, I don’t know what he was thinking,”

“He had his reasons for doing what he did. Please don’t judge him. I only want the innocent children who died to forgive me. Forgive me, forgive my son. I know he had his reasons,” Martinez begged.

When asked what “reasons” Ramos could have had, Martinez responded, “To get closer to those children instead of paying attention to the other bad things. I have no words. I don’t know.”

Trump Jr. said of the report, “We’re not supposed to judge this F-ing piece of sh*t who killed 19 kids? He had his reasons??? F You!!!”

“This is so much of the problem in our society. There’s always a fucking excuse and zero accountability and we’re not allowed to say anything about it,” Trump Jr. declared.

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