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The mainstream media and their Democrat colleagues want revenge on law-abiding American citizens in the wake of the Uvalde shooting. But not revenge FOR the shooting, no. It’s revenge for Trump having been elected. Revenge for the SCOTUS draft opinion. Revenge for conservative Americans resisting the bloody progressive left’s march toward doomsday for American freedom.

Revenge for non-compliance, not for the deaths of innocents. It’s the innocent deaths they want to capitalize on. They are pouncing on the murder of children to push their policy preferences, and the biggest one being disarming Americans. You know why.

But Asa Hutchison says nuts to that.

And Ted Cruz says it best of all.

Bet y’all can guess Adam Kinziger had no such cajones himself.

“That’s not going to be the solution, said Hutchison.

“Now is not the time to yield to panic, or intimidation, or fear,” said Cruz. “It is not the time for lies, it is not the time for empty political gestures.”

Dang right.