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Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul was arrested in Napa at about midnight California time for driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol in excess of the legal limit. And Nance might have been with him!

TMZ got a copy of the arrest, but not as many details as I’d want for some reading enjoyment. But that’ll come in time, even though the MSM will ignore this almost entirely. (Imagine if it was the spouse of literally any Republican?)

Napa County Criminal Justice Network

They don’t know if Nancy was there but it’s theoretically possible.

No word on whether the Speaker herself was with Paul during this bust — as you know, she’s often in D.C. for her job … but since it’s Memorial Day weekend, she could’ve possibly been back home with her family for a bit — but it seems unlikely. At the moment, it appears she’s in Rhode Island for a commencement speech to graduates there.

She hasn’t publicly acknowledged Paul’s arrest, and neither have any of her children or immediate family as far as we can tell.

Apparently Paul’s bail was a mere $5,000, which he probably had on him in cash.

TMZ says the story is developing, so could be more details later.