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“How do you feel exploiting dead kids?” That’s what Drew Hernandez asked Beta O’pportunist on Friday. The brave repeated election failure cast his little emo eyes down and to the side and kept his tail tucked instead of answering.

Vampire Beta is in Houston trying to suck on the blood of dead children in a desperate bid to revive his pathetic career. Teh political one, not the furry one which I assume is still going strong.

This isn’t just yelling at a politician pointlessly (Not that that there’s anything wrong with that.) What Hernandez shows is who Beta really is. He is there for the press. He’s there for his campaign coffers. That’s it.

Big man Beta had a lot of big talk on stage, and in the crowd yelling at Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott. Basically anywhere there has been a camera this week, Beta has been there trying to fundraise on murdered children. He even had a photo opp donating blood. Whoa what a sacrifice, you’re just going to drink more five minutes later anyway, Beta.

As the libs like to say, “more of this please.”