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According to a new Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe inflation is a serious concern; 2,000 registered voters were polled between May 18-19.

When asked, “Overall, how serious of an issue do you think inflation is for the country right now?” 27% of voters said “somewhat serious” and 68% of voters said “very serious.”

95% of those polled say inflation is a problem.

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Likewise, a plurality of voters, 47%, said that the Biden administration is to blame for inflation. Despite Biden’s repeated attempts to label the high costs of goods and energy as the “Putin Price Hike,” just 25% of registered voters said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is primarily to blame for the surge in inflation.”

That same poll found that the majority believe that Biden is mentally unfit for office and is showing signs that he is too old for the job.

When asked, “Is Joe Biden mentally fit to serve as President of the United States or do you have doubts about his fitness for office?” 53% of respondents answered, “I have doubts about his fitness.” Broken down along party lines, 19% of Democrats responded accordingly, as did 83% of Republicans, and a whopping 61% of Independents answered the same.

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