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At the prompting of a ‘journalist’, the White House smeared the NRA one day before they are set to begin their weekend convention in Houston.


This so-called journalist asked the White House Press Secretary: “The NRA is opening its convention in Houston tomorrow, three days after the massacre in Uvalde. Former President Trump, Texas Governor Abbott and others are set to speak there. Does the White House think it’s appropriate that convention to move forward? Should it be postponed, canceled, given the events of the last few days?”

Way to tee up that softball question.

Jean-Pierre responded by smearing the NRA, claiming they are contributing to gun violence:

So it’s not about the convention. What is inappropriate is that the leadership of the NRA has proven time and time again that they are contributing to the problem of gun violence, not trying to solve it. They represent the interests of the gun industry, the gun manufacturers who are marketing weapons of war to young adults. They don’t represent gun owners who know that we need to take action. And it’s shameful that the NRA and their allies have stood in the way of every attempt to advance measures that we all know will save lives from gun violence.

What a bunch of lies. Let me be unequivocal in saying that the gun used in the Texas school massacre did nothing wrong. The gun didn’t load itself. The gun didn’t pull its own trigger. The gun didn’t kill anybody. Just like the SUV that mowed down children and adults last year in the Christmas parade didn’t drive itself into those civilians.

Remember the lorry that was driven into a crowd on Bastille Day in France back in 2016? Over 80 people were killed in that attack. But nobody blames the lorry! I’ve not heard anyone calling for ‘lorry control’.

The problem isn’t the weapon of choice. The problem is the idiot holding the gun and driving the SUV.

And let me add that an AR-15 is NOT a weapon of war. It’s stupid for the White House to even make that claim. Remember, the deadliest school shooting in US history was carried about by a 9mm glock and a Walther P22 at Virginia Tech in 2007.

This effort to ban ‘assault weapons’ is and has always been about coming after our guns. Period. They are socialist gun-grabbers. And once we agree to the argument that the AR-15 needs to disappear, then you can kiss all of your other guns goodbye because they’ll keep making the same argument every time one of those are used to kill people.

I don’t have time to do a full write-up on this one, but I’ll put it here for you to dissect. It’s Jean-Pierre saying “America has more guns than people in this country. If more guns were indeed the solution, we would be the safest country in the world. But we are not.”

More dribble from the idiot at the podium. If what she said were true that we aren’t safe because of guns, then why does the Secret Service carry weapons to protect the President? Why do elected officials and other important types have bodyguards who carry weapons? Take all their guns away and let’s see how safe these people feel to walk out in public.