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The Cook Political Report released a new round of U.S. House rating changes today, and it was not good news for the Democrats, as 10 of the 12 shifted in the Republicans’ direction.

That comes after a ratings report that we reported on in April where eight House races shifted in the direction of the GOP, none of which were a part of the latest shifts.

Election expert Dave Wasserman tweeted, “NEW at @CookPolitical: 12 House rating changes, all but two in Republicans’ direction.”

Out of the seats that were listed, seven are currently held by Democrats, while four are held by Republicans, and one is vacant.

The two that shifted in the Democrats’ direction are both seats currently held by a Democrat, but neither is “Solid D” at this point.

Two of the Republican seats moved to “Solid R” while the vacant seat also is now considered a “Solid R” by the newsletter.

One of the seats currently held by a Democrat is now open for the next election because the incumbent was unseated in Tuesday’s primary.

That seat, along with another held by a Democrat moved from “Lean D” to “Toss up.”

One seat that was a “Solid D” has now moved to “Likely D” and another Democrat-held seat that was a “Toss up” is now “Lean R.”

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