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Just one day after a massacre of 19 children and 2 teachers by Salvador Ramos, AOC livestreamed last night to talk about ‘white supremacy’, which she claimed is the biggest cause of domestic terrorism in the US “by far”:

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Salvador Ramos wasn’t a white dude. He was born in South Dakota, but lived in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood in Uvalde.

So why is she talking about white supremacy after a massacre that seemed to have nothing to do with white supremacy? Because that’s just what Democrats like her do when the facts aren’t on their side. It’s why nobody on the left wanted to talk about the racist black guy who mowed down people with his SUV last year and now they don’t want to talk about Ramos. They only like to talk about white violence.

There’s a website called Mass-Shootings.Info and they have been detailing for several years all of the mass shooters where there were at least 4 victims. Here’s their latest portrayal of all the known mass shooters for 2021:

By the way, this website has been called “broadly accurate” for their portrayal of the shooters by Snopes in case you wonder about their credibility. And they claim to pull their data from Wikipedia.

But yeah, I expected to see a bunch of white guys on this chart and while there certainly are some, they are largely outnumber black suspects. In fact this is what the website statistics show for this 2021:

Now I’m sure AOC will claim that ‘domestic terrorism’ is more than just mass shootings. But given that we just had a horrible mass shooting massacre two days ago and she’s already talking about white supremacism, I think this is extremely relevant.

And by the way, I should point out that I’m not conflating shootings perpetrated by white people as ‘white supremacy’. That would be absurd. I’m just pointing out how stupid her argument is even when you just look at the race of the perpetrators.

Here’s a few tweets from people in response to her lunacy: