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Joe Biden aimed everything he had tonight at the 2nd amendment after the school shooting today. In his address to the nation, he asked what I think is a really stupid question:

First of all it’s NOT an assault weapon. We don’t have ‘assault weapons’. We just have sporting rifles that shoot one bullet at a time every time you pull the trigger, just like plenty of other rifles.

Second of all if he’s referring to an AR-15, then I’ll just say there’s no major difference between this semi-automatic rifle and most other semi-automatic rifles. People hunt with them. People shoot targets with them. People train with them. And yes, people defend themselves with it. But again, not an assault weapon.

Biden also took aim at the ‘gun lobby’ in his ridiculous speech, referring undoubtedly to the NRA:

While I’m not a paying supporter of the NRA, I certainly appreciate what they do to help protect our GOD-GIVEN second amendment rights from the likes of this socialist gun-grabber. And let me emphasize that these are our God-given rights, as are all the rights protected by the Constitution.

The problem isn’t the the NRA or semi-automatic weapons. The problem is the men shooting the guns. We keep having this same argument because the gun-grabbers are in the White House.

And let me just finish with a question to Biden. When in God’s name will you stop supporting the massacre of the innocent in the womb??? You decry the massacre that happened today, but you insist that women be able to massacre their babies up until they are born. Those are innocent lives that God knit in the womb and yet you are absolutely happy with their murder.

Biden, you are a disgrace.