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True to being himself, Alec Baldwin decided he needed to be heard about a fight between a United Airlines worker and an ex-NFL payer, Brendan Langley. Alec shared the viral video on Instagram with the caption, “The guy working at the airport is the victim. He came to work to do a job. The other guy, with his big mouth, is guilty of workplace abuse, where people come to work with an expectation of safety, even civility. This a**hole who hit this guy should be put on a no-fly list.”

@godsgiftiv shared the post from @thesaderoom with, “Alec Baldwin is the LAST person that should be talking right now”.

It’s only been seven months since the fatal shooting on the set of “Rust”. Baldwin, was the one holding the gun and shot, although he claims he never pulled the trigger, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and Director Joel Souza. Hutchins sadly, did not survive the on set shooting.

Most people viewed Baldwin’s commentary in bad taste for someone who is still under investigation for a work pace shooting.

TMZ reported, Baldwin’s movie, “Rust” has been called out for work safety issues by the New Mexico Environment Dept.’s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau. The D.A. is still conducting a criminal investigation into the shooting and no one involved in the movie has been cleared. There are also civil suits pending.

Baldwin’s reaction was not well received and he was lambasted on Twitter. Baldwin has already removed the post from Instagram amid the backlash.

Piers Morgan replied to the news of Baldwin’s ranting with, “A man who (accidentally) shot & killed his co-worker at work is lecturing us on WORKPLACE SAFETY? Ffs..”

ACT for America founder, Brigitte Gabriel shared, “Alec Baldwin shouldn’t commenting on anything ESPECIALLY workplace violence!”

Many other Twitter users had plenty to say about Baldwin’s comments:

To many it appears that Baldwin continues to lack self-awareness and justifies his rantings to himself when clearly they are completely tone deaf.

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